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Welcome to Top Secret Gourmets

Award Winning Spices, Seasoning, and Rubs

Thank you for visiting Top Secret Gourmets. We are a specialty food company located in Central Pennsylvania. What started out as a hobby has turned into a multi-international award winning product line. We truly believe gourmet is in our name for a reason. All our seasoning/spice rubs are made with only the freshest & highest quality herbs & spices. We pull no punches with the ingredients we put into our seasonings & that is reflected in our products. We use pure ground habanero, jalapeño, & chipotle peppers; real lime & orange, hickory & mesquite smoke, real honey, real tomato, real espresso, vinegar, red & green bell peppers, just to name a few.

Our products are concentrated & full of flavor. All of our seasonings attack the taste buds from every angle…. savory, spicy, salty, sweet, zesty, citrusy, peppery, smoky, exotic, mild, hot, etc. are just a few of the descriptions. The greatness in our seasonings is in their simplicity & flexibility. They can be applied hours before cooking & act as a marinade. They can also be applied immediately before cooking & they will create a flavorful concentrated crust around the food, sealing in the juices. Whether you prefer a big, bold flavor or a more subtle approach, our spices can be adjusted to fit your taste. We know you will love our products. ENJOY!
Thanks again!