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Ribeye Steaks
Olive oil or oil of preference
X Hot Cajun Gator Bite 4 Chili & Honey Spice Rub


Take the ribeye steaks & lightly coat with your oil of preference over both sides of the meat. Next, shake the X Hot Cajun Spice Rub over both sides of the steaks. Season according to taste. Rub the spices thoroughly into both sides of the steaks. * You can do this the night before & the spice rub will act as a marinade. For a subtler taste season a couple hours prior or immediately before cooking.

Proceed to grill steaks over an open flame on high heat until they reach the desired level of doneness. Grill until they have a nice level of caramelization. * Be careful not to overcook the steaks or they will lose tenderness & flavor. This rub will give your steaks a flavorful, concentrated crust while at the same time seal in the juices.